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Oh, what a year it’s been! Thank you to everyone who joined us on our incredible journey so far. We launched Covalen as part of our commitment to transforming our clients through total talent experiences. And, it’s been amazing to see how our new brand has been embraced. It marks the next chapter in our evolution. We have a clear purpose, vision and values which includes strengthening and maintaining our clients’ trust, expanding our service offerings and global reach. Our brand tagline, Performance Magic highlights our desire to deliver world-leading, best-in-class performance based on team aspirations, as well as feedback from our trusted clients. Our focus on superior performance, co-creation and innovative solutions has a transformative power, which we have seen through results.

Key Highlights

May 2019 – Internal brand launch

One fine day in May, our employees and leaders gathered at The Johnstown Estate in Enfield, Ireland, to celebrate the amalgamation of three companies to form our new brand, Covalen, (a Cpl company). A themed event that embodied our new brand, the atmosphere was uplifting. It was marvellous to see the involvement and exhilaration of our teams. Performance Magic represents what we do every day for our clients, so thanks to our people for bringing the excellence and making it happen.

October 2019 – Brand launch to Irish Market

We announced the launch of our new Managed Solutions brand, Covalen to the Irish market in October at our event – Delivering Performance Magic in the Age of Experience. Supported by our network and clientele from across the Cpl group, we held an exclusive launch event at Fallon & Byrne, an intimate venue in Dublin 2. We had the pleasure of listening to an incredible customer experience thought-leader, our keynote speaker Matt Watkinson. Our Ireland brand launch was a truly memorable event brimming with energy and passion.

Snippets from our speakers

“Harnessing the power of a blended workforce gives organisations a competitive edge”. Anne Heraty, CEO of Cpl Resources.

“We see ourselves as a results focused tribe…. people who just seem to love getting better, doing more and thinking differently”. Suzanne Dolan, MD of Covalen.

“People craft matters – unless we hire the right people and they’re engaged and thinking, we haven’t got a chance to deliver exceptional experiences”. Matt Watkinson, globally recognised Customer Experience author and keynote speaker.


Covalen helps organisations to develop a competitive edge by adopting future-proof strategies, so we decided to share our views on how to equip our current and future workforces for the massive changes on the work horizon. We published our first ebook to supplement our launch, aptly titled – Delivering Performance Magic in the Age of Experience.  Download a copy here.


Whats next?

Our next step along this exciting journey will be our Central Eastern Europe (CEE) brand activation in Q1 2020 to be held in Budapest, Hungary. Country Director, Simone Olivio is planning and leading the event with the support of our CEE and Ireland teams. This will be an excellent opportunity for senior leaders to interact and glean insights into real-world outsourcing solutions in the CEE region. (Please contact Simone if you have a question). We’ll have more updates on this in the coming weeks.

We are thrilled to move into 2020 and continue to deliver remarkable customer and employee experiences for leading organisations. Through designing and delivering the best-in-class services we’ll aim to; build excellence through governance frameworks, minimize risk within organisations, advance customer & organisational quality management, provide talent acquisition, employee development and retention schemes, and help businesses to scale up/ down to meet defined goals.

Again, thank you to our people, our clients and supporters. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Seasons greetings and best wishes for the New Year!


The Covalen team