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Sales outsourcing solutions designed to increase competitiveness. Explore untapped potential through inbound and outbound channels.


Evolving with your business needs, we develop highly-effective sales programmes from the ground up. Alternatively, benefit from a redesign of your existing sales programmes to optimise processes, increase lead generation and improve conversion rates.

Our leaders at Covalen have spent more than two decades driving outsourced solutions and pioneering innovations. We design and deliver customised sales solutions from platform cloud-based sales to enterprise sales—working as an extension of your business.

Equipped with the knowledge, expertise and resources, we support our clients with a continuous flow of value through our people, training, systems and insights. As a Cpl company, we have the capacity to scale outsourced sales teams quickly—scaling up or down depending on seasonal cycles and goals, enabling our clients to generate the best ROI.

We deliver sales outsourcing solutions to companies across different industries—Financial Services, Utilities, Technology and more. Our solutions span low complexity B2C sales to high complexity, high-value B2B deals and large-scale implementations. Benefit from an exceptional level of engagement and expertise that will empower you to meet and exceed your sales revenue targets.

Lead generation is vital driver of revenue and growth for businesses and the first step in building relationships with prospective customers. We implement multi-channel lead generation programmes focused on providing feedback, insights and continuous results.

We understand the unique parameters of audience segmentation and how to leverage the best channels to achieve maximum gains. Our industry knowledge, business skillsets and innovation mindsets combined with our realistic and structured approach deliver best outcomes to our clients.

Sales campaigns are a great way to drive sales opportunities due to a seasonal trend, a new product launch, or by creating opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell to customers.

Sales campaigns make it easy for salespeople to keep their contacts informed and announce specific, customised offers. They provide the opportunity to target customer segments and personalise offers based on interests and buying behaviours.

We run a range of sales campaigns to meet our clients’ specific goals and objectives over defined timeframes. In close collaboration, we build effective messaging to resonate with the target audience, implementing excellent campaign management systems with regular progress reports.

We have decades of knowledge and expertise managing our clients’ various third-party partners and ensuring there is an effective system in place for enhanced communication and success. We work with a variety of partner implementations such as dealers, brokers, vendors and resellers.

And through our Partner management solutions, we provide the support that enables your partners or resellers to understand your brand and utilise the right tools.

We work with the entire lifecycle of partner programs - from partner onboarding, to enablement, collaboration, deal registration and channel analytics.

Inside sales transactional engagement is frequently utilized within B2B Technology industries. An inside sales model offers our clients a seamless, automated approach to sales, and the opportunity to deliver an integrated, omnichannel experience to customers.

Experts in talent acquisition, we carefully screen, hire and onboard sales talent, continuing to scale inside sales teams using best practice techniques.

Our inside sales teams will work with your customers to open opportunities, create solutions and deliver a highly efficient transactional sales process. We design and develop our inside sales models to meet ambitious sales targets and deliver increased revenues.

Account management outsourced solutions allow our clients to gain tangible benefits through compelling design and best practices across compliance, quality, training and insights.

We work with assigned customer groups to achieve our clients’ goals, representing their businesses across geographies—effectively managing customer relationships and providing expert solutions.

Our account management teams are specialists in –

  • Compliance and regulatory procedures across sales channels and territories
  • Driving high engagement levels, product adoption and continued product usage
  • Business process excellence via client onboarding, analysis and insights
  • Forecasting implementation challenges and providing turnkey solutions
  • Identifying and implementing upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Delivering faster, streamlined services and cost reductions