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Game Support Services

Our CX experts are passionate about nurturing your players.

Game Support Services

In-game or out-of-game, your players can depend on us.

Mobile Gaming Support

With the boom of mobile gaming, we recognise that players have all levels of expertise from Noob to Pro Player, so we work with you to design personalised player support to meet different customer segments. That means fully understanding your players who prefer mobile gaming and knowing how to communicate player support in the most appropriate way. The sooner players get help, the faster they’re back in the game. We answer mobile player’s questions, resolve technical issues, help with billing queries, and more.

Cloud Gaming Technical Solutions

Gamers who stream to multiple devices and switch between devices, expect to have a seamless experience. We provide support for your hosted cloud platforms with the flexibility to handle large increases in volume. We offer a range of specialised skills to best serve your customers’ needs, with tailored responses, while balancing self-service and real-time customer support. Your players receive the service they deserve, when, and where they want it.

Game Upsell & Cross-sell Solutions

In-game and out-of-game support across all channels provides an ideal opportunity to tell players exactly what they will get via upsells and cross-sells, whether new games, add-ons, level packs, premium updates or expansion packs. We work with you to integrate mindful upsell and cross-sell opportunities at appropriate customer touchpoints.

Gaming Support: ID & Verification

We know that security precautions are instrumental to managing risk. We help you to manage gaming ID verification challenges and ensure that the player creating the account is who they claim to be. This includes age, ID and location verification to minimise account fraud / meet AML and KYC regulations.

Gaming Support: Transactions 

Our aim is to clearly understand your customer’s issue, build confidence and minimise frustration, whether billing questions, order problems, or refund requests. Our fully trained customer support teams have the right blend of soft skills and transactions expertise to enhance customer relationships, resolve billing issues fast, and improve overall KPIs.

Gaming Technical Support

We deliver tiered technical support when your players come up against a technical issue in-game or out-of-game. Games need to be up and running to keep your players returning so we strive to maximise uptime. We offer extensive troubleshooting for games, apps and platforms with timely, accurate, and friendly support to resolve technical issues across PC, console, cloud and mobile.

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