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Outsourced Gaming Talent

Recruiting and onboarding is the most critical HR management function to ensure your player’s experience is a positive one.

Outsourced Gaming Talent

Great player experiences start with a great employee.

Gaming Industry Talent Management 

As a gaming company, looking to continuously acquire new players, or expand your presence in regulated markets globally, we recognise the impact of attracting, hiring and retaining the best people. And this is completely dependent on the effectiveness of the talent management process and its execution.

Our employees speak more than 55 languages which means that whatever your geographical focus — your company’s growth is not taken lightly. Streamlining the process of recruiting, hiring, and training not only ensures consistent results but also makes it much easier to scale your business. And likewise, we realise that replacing employees costs much more than it does to enhance their onboarding experience. We make sure that each new hire is onboarded and trained to be top of their game.

Covalen is uniquely positioned to source, hire, and develop the best talent internationally as part of Ireland’s Cpl Group. Cpl is a global provider of talent solutions to start-up companies, multinationals, and SME’s.

Champions at Customer Support in Gaming 

We understand that your players may be experiencing a range of emotions while playing your games or waiting for customer support. They may have fought countless beasts, climbed treacherous mountains, and explored the darkest caves. When faced with the next major challenge and they need live support, empathy helps us to understand and connect with your customers. Empathy enables us to react meaningfully to your customer’s emotions. It allows us to affirm that we understand the pain or frustration that they are feeling and respond appropriately.

Responsible Gaming Support 

The growth of online gaming and online gambling brings new challenges. Laws and regulations can be opaque and confusing. Need help with responsible gaming? We can help you protect your business from the risk of non-compliance — providing clarity, resources, solutions and expertise. We’re proactive to ensure that your business adheres to specific regulations, while helping you to address the various needs of gaming customers.

Top HR Solutions

Top HR Solutions

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