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With our comprehensive approach to enhancing gaming CX, we can help you deliver a competitive advantage — and expand your international footprint serving a wide range of users.


At Covalen, our specialist teams diagnose and validate gamer and developer issues across the full scope of games and services in the global gaming market. Operating in highly regulated industries, Covalen are experts in compliance, data protection, data security and the consumer protection code. 

Gaming is a unique, fast-growing industry, and gamers are the drivers of change. Gaming companies realise the need to quickly respond to user requests, because today, users readily share their thoughts or frustrations across platforms. Throughout the gaming experience, every touchpoint is an opportunity to create an exceptional customer experience, increase customer lifecycle value, and strengthen brand advocacy.

Outsourced Gaming Customer Support

Outsourced customer support is a great solution for the gaming sector because it can prove challenging for gaming companies to manage the diversity of user languages and time zones. Through excellence design and delivery of outsourced game customer support teams, we offer the systems to collect, analyse and present important user feedback. We enable gaming companies to focus on their core competencies of developing and bringing new games to the market.

At Covalen, we manage a significant gaming user base with expert customer support teams who understand the gaming industry’s unique challenges. Our multilingual game customer support teams demonstrate excellent soft skills communicating with different age groups to suitably resolve their issues. We provide analytical feedback and meaningful insights to our clients to enable informed business decisions.

Through our partnership with a gaming provider that has grown its global audience to over 90 million monthly active users — we have seen the competitive benefits of delivering high-quality game support services across a range of areas including:

  • Game customer support
  • Account management
  • Game platform account assistance
  • Billing and purchase support
  • Game technical support
  • Escalations Management
  • Hardware processing


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