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Flexible, scalable outsourcing and managed solutions for Energy Service Providers, designed to exceed regulatory needs and deliver an exceptional Customer Experience.


Our goal is to create and sustain high-performance across sales, service, support, and operations. Covalen’s flexible, scalable solutions include end-to-end customer experience and operations support.

A trusted outsourcing and managed service provider in the energy industry, we design and deliver innovative services to meet the ever-growing needs of today’s energy consumers.

The industry shift to de-regulated private enterprises and the adoption of new technologies like smart grid metering and alternative energy — is driving companies to re-think their operating models. 

The focus on sustainability, consumption, and market competition is pushing energy companies to improve or transform the quality of their services. Frequently this demands the re-engineering of existing models and systems.

Today, more than ever—consumers want energy-efficient, sustainable solutions to reduce bills, conserve energy and contribute towards a lower carbon future.

ESPs who understand shifting consumer preferences in light of industry changes can leverage advantages. A willingness to explore consumer values, motivations, and behaviours—and shape personalised offers to meet consumers’ needs — drives better customer experiences.

A key driver of competition is that consumers are inclined to switch if they become aware of a more attractive offer. At Covalen, we realise that educating consumers about the value of switching providers and plans, or staying with their current supplier—helps energy and utilities companies protect, or increase their market share.

Advantages of Outsourcing to Covalen include –
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Continuous employee training to improve the customer experience and increase conversions
  • Innovative go-to-market campaigns
  • Best-in-class service models designed that leverage competitive advantages
  • Enhanced back office processing to increase efficiencies
  • Reduction in costs relating to hiring, onboarding, and developing key talent
  • Reduction in operating expenses
Innovative Outsourcing Solutions

Innovative Outsourcing Solutions

Designed for Compliance

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