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Covalen Value Champion.

Deena Gadhia.

An inspiring interview with Deena who was awarded the title of Covalen Value Champion during Q1, 2021. Deena is based at one of our Dublin sites and she has excelled within a short period of 15 months with Covalen.

Deena Gadhia.

Deena was nominated by her colleagues for truly embodying our 'be brave' value. She climbed the nomination ranks to be selected as one of our Covalen Value Champions.

Deena, what is your role at Covalen?

Organisational Team Leader.

What impact do Covalen's Values have on your working life?

The impact of our company values on my working life is tremendous, especially when work can be challenging. They cover all the areas I want to continue to embody on a daily basis. Their principles have become the backbone of my responsibilities in my role.

How did you feel about firstly being nominated as a ‘be brave’ Value Champion, and secondly receiving the Covalen Value Champion award?

It was such a lovely nudge of encouragement to see my name on the nomination list. I was not expecting that at all. Then, to receive the Covalen Value Champion award was something else, It was a great surprise and I am truly grateful for this honour.

Describe in your own words what ‘be brave’ means to you and how you have embodied our ‘be brave’ value.

To me, ‘be brave’ means showing resilience when things get tough, asking for help and support when I need it, and maintaining a strong and positive mindset so that no matter what happens, I feel sure that it will all work out in the end. I have embodied our ‘be brave’ value by recognising that I will face challenges, and in honing my skills I have the determination to strive on.

...maintaining a strong and positive mindset so that no matter what happens, I feel sure that it will all work out in the end.

Deena Gadhia

Team Leader
What lessons have you learned in the past that have empowered you to be brave?

The most recent lesson I have learned is the power of true resilience and determination to manage myself when faced with adversity. 

Tell me about your journey with Covalen to date.

Since I started with Covalen, I have enjoyed working across a diverse range of client projects. I started working with a utility client supporting a sales/customer service team to exceed their targets. I then moved to support a call centre team on a seasonal programme for a sports association. For the past 12 months, I have been working in the financial services sector, where my initial role was to manage a new project with a global banking client. At the moment, I am providing management support for a team working with a life assurance company.

What are your goals going forward?

My goal is to continue improving the skills I have obtained this far and progress to a Senior Team Leader. In doing so, it will be a positive career step for me.

How do you feel empowered to achieve your goals?

Being surrounded by those who support me at work gives me great encouragement to achieve my goals, as well as feeling self-motivated to achieve success in everything I do.

What do you like most about working at Covalen?

I love having the ability to work on different client accounts where I can offer the utmost best of my skill set and experience to each. Along with our teams, I enjoy learning and developing from each client experience. The lessons I’ve learned help shape my future goals and aspirations, and the respect and recognition from our company is both rewarding and motivating.