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Covalen Value Champion

Gergely Pusztai.

A great interview with Gergő who has an impressive track record having consistently moved forwards, finding new challenges and opportunities to progress his career with Covalen.

Gergely Pusztai.

Gergő was nominated by his colleagues and he received our Value Champion Award for his exceptional demonstration of our 'be brave' value.

Gergő, what is your role at Covalen?

Operations Delivery Manager.

I am usually working from our Budapest office, and I take occasional trips to our sites in Miskolc and Vasvár whenever I can, or should I say when the pandemic allows. Since March 2020 I am working from home.

How long have you worked with our company?

I joined the company in 2011, so it will be 10 years this year.

Overall, what impact do Covalen's Values have on your working life at Covalen?

What I like about these distinct values is that anyone can fill them with their own interpretation. Our Values put you on a path and inspire you to lead your professional life guided by these principles. They also allow you to give them meaning, for example, to determine your own concept of bravery. What is equally helpful is that I know I am surrounded by people living their professional lives with our values in mind. That would encourage anyone to be brave. And I’m happy to say, I consider our Covalen community brave, as a whole.

How did you feel about firstly being nominated as a ‘be brave’ Value Champion, and secondly receiving the Covalen Value Champion award?

Receiving a nomination let alone an award feels good. However, I hadn’t previously reflected on the idea that I might be considered brave in the work context. Actually, I think every individual within our organisation deserves to be called brave. After 15 months of isolation, maintaining focused work and high-performance levels in an unfamiliar setting (Home Office), throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, is quite an achievement. The fact that we are forging ahead and maintaining a decent level of physical and mental health, while supporting our clients and delivering our service level agreements, is something remarkable.

The direct and indirect support of our employees enables leadership to be brave in tough situations. To me, this is a collective achievement. As one of our leaders at Covalen, Hungary, I constantly strive to make positive changes. That is my goal every day. I also want my colleagues to believe that positive change can happen, no matter what. I am lucky that I have so many amazing colleagues to work with. 

Describe in your own words what ‘be brave’ means to you and how you have embodied our ‘be brave’ value.

In general, I think being brave means you go forward, learn from your mistakes, transform those lessons into wisdom, and share them with others if you get the chance. Being brave can mean lots of things depending on the context, but most importantly it is an attitude or a hidden ability that surfaces or takes over when you need it. And I want to emphasise, that I do not consider myself braver than my colleagues. Whatever we do, we do it together. If I acted bravely in any situation, I did so because I knew I had the backing of my colleagues.

I think being brave means you go forward, learn from your mistakes, transform those lessons into wisdom, and share them with others...

Gergely Pusztai.

Operations Delivery Manager
What lessons have you learned in the past that have empowered you to be brave?

Well, if you stop simply because you face an obstacle, no results will follow. In our line of work, you get to develop solutions to problems. I always keep in mind that I can make an impact. And communicating with colleagues significantly increases the chances of coming up with something useful, or valuable. The most important lesson I learned long ago, that helped me develop this kind of mindset was when I realised that simply hoping that things will get better doesn’t work. Wishful thinking doesn’t get you anywhere. I know I must rely on judgment followed by action. The conviction that I can change things, or at least make a good attempt, even if it means to fail and try again, empowers me. 

The conviction that I can change things, or at least make a good attempt, even if it means to fail and try again, empowers me. 

Gergely Pusztai.

Operations Delivery Manager
Tell me about your journey with Covalen to date.

I spent the last decade working for our company in various roles from Dutch / English-speaking Technical Support Agent to Remote Desktop Management Agent (RDM). Following that, I got an opportunity to take on further responsibilities as a Coach for a short period. Our operation was expanding at that time, and I got the chance to put myself forward for a Team Leader opening. When I was offered that position, I was very proud, I must admit, but also terrified. Team Leader work is highly complex, and I participated in intensive training. That was the most challenging period of my career at Covalen up until that time. I continued to build on these foundations, and later, I was promoted to Operations Leader, and again to my current role as Operations Delivery Manager.

What are your goals going forward? 

I want to actively participate in preparing our company for post-Covid times. It’s clear that companies must adapt to the new era by developing new practices. We have a very strong leadership team and a resilient organisation, which is a great advantage. And this sets a series of goals to shape our future, which I am very excited about. 

How do you feel empowered to achieve your goals? 

Behind my achievements is the support I get from my immediate colleagues in the management team, our many innovative team leaders, and my supervisor. The overall environment has a positive impact on one’s well-being. I’d like to think that people see me as someone they can turn to for help or advice too.

What do you like most about working at Covalen? 

Being a people-oriented person, I must say, working with my teams is the best part of my job. We never cease to openly share our ideas, which leads to fruitful discussions and plenty of creative ideas that materialise to benefit our organisation, and our client organisations. Putting an idea into practice and witnessing it work out, is awesome.