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Known for its innovative social technology, this multinational company offers a range of interactive tools to help users connect, share content, and advertise. 

The Challenge 

It was important for the technology company to uphold its commitment to user safety and maintain business integrity. As platform usage surged, so did the need for enhanced content moderation services, and systems that promote trust and safety. 

The role of Content Moderators is to review user-generated content (UGC) in a variety of formats such as text, images, audio, and video, and protect the platform’s community and customers from harm.

A content moderation function must be seamless and inclusive to safeguard users, and essentially, support employee wellbeing. 

The Opportunity 

A rising demand for extensive content moderation services required significant scaling, despite grappling with a high attrition rate. 

The Solution 

The company partnered with Covalen to meet the evolving needs of its rapidly growing online platform. Utilising a refined talent strategy supported by group partner, Cpl (a global provider of workforce solutions) Covalen hired and scaled a diverse team to deliver the content moderation services—and manage fluctuations in content volume and user activity.

The initial on-site managed service started with fifteen employees, with an in-depth SOW for content moderation services throughout global markets.  

Geographic Reach: Covalen delivered multilingual content moderation services across 44 markets in 55+ languages and multiple dialects, including Zulu, Afghans, Catalan French, and English. 

Key Outcomes 


In two years, Covalen scaled its on-site contractors from fifteen to 300 employees. At the same time, its flexible, scalable BPO solutions empowered the client to comply with trust and safety requirements as global internet usage surged.  

Talent Management

Covalen’s commitment to recruiting, developing, and retaining key talent became evident through complete career progression programme delivery. Consequently, the client rolled out Covalen’s recruitment and onboarding process to its entire organisation. 

Health & Wellness

Fostering and strengthening a culture of care and support, Covalen developed a comprehensive health and wellness strategy focused on several initiatives & programmes including: 

  • Be Well Lead Well 
  • Mental Health First Aid 
  • Health screening 
  • Qualified Health Coaches 

Be Well Lead Well, a transformative training and development programme designed by Covalen’s Occupational Health team educates leaders to take care of their own mental health and wellbeing—and empowers them with the tools and confidence to support their teams. The programme was recognised at the Irish CCMA Customer Contact and Shared Services Awards, 2022. Covalen received a highly-commended award for Best Training and Development Programme.


Proactively highlighting risks, Covalen made a breakthrough on its client’s system to access data on demand, which previously had a two-week lag period. Using this innovation, the client optimised all relevant vendor operations.  

Quality SLAs

Covalen put several, multi-faceted initiatives in place to meet quality targets across every market, every month achieving 99% of 176 monthly SLAs. 


Covalen was recognised as a ‘Best-in-Class Managed Service’ by the client at its Partner Summit. 

Additional BPO Projects

Throughout the continued partnership, Covalen was awarded new projects in key areas such as global risk mitigation and AI/machine learning. 

  • 1,300+ managed service employees 
  • 55+ languages 
  • 3,000,000 tickets handled per month 
  • 99% of 176 monthly SLAs achieved 
  • 100% employee retention goals achieved 
Online Platform Case Study
Online Platform Case Study

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Online Platform Case Study

Case Study


17th November 2020