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Accelerate performance with custom back-office solutions

As businesses and enterprises make increasing efforts to focus resources on strategic goals—managed solutions and outsourcing plays a vital role in consolidating business operations. Covalen delivers innovative, agile solutions overseeing areas of administrative, financial, IT, and performance functions for global organisations.

Our teams bring exceptional knowledge of country-specific regulatory frameworks, systems and external reporting requirements to companies across borders.

Business Process Services enable organisations to evaluate different approaches to enhance performance and efficiency, and reduce risk.

By assessing operational effectiveness and highlighting opportunities, we enable clients to explore better solutions. With a focus on quality, compliance and change management, we help businesses leverage and implement alternative models for impoved outcomes.

Our proactive approach, agile and progressive culture offer innovation advantages within IT managed services and outsourcing—from software and service desk support to IT infrastructure.

Leveraging a bespoke blend of tools and technologies, our experienced multilingual teams support clients across time zones around the clock, 365 days a year.

Software Support

With CX as a competitive differentiator for software and platforms firms such as SaaS, Fintech, and Gaming—it’s more important than ever to address service optimisation.

At Covalen, we leverage a modern workplace with intelligent business applications, collaboration, development, data & analytics, and Azure cloud—delivering end-to-end process implementations for enhanced customer experiences.

We offer long-term, reliable support for multi-billion government and enterprise contracts with fast, accurate, in-depth data analysis and insights.

Our teams drive quality and operational efficiency gains leading to increased productivity and reduced costs for our clients. We’re knowledgeable of country-specific regulations and compliance, offering the flexibility to scale up or down to meet business requirements.

Network Support

A fundamental of sustaining a secure technology infrastructure is the availability of robust network support around the clock.

At Covalen, we’re focused on driving business excellence, which includes protecting and optimising our clients’ and their customers’ networks. Our qualified support specialists are experts in installation, configuration, and computer network optimisation to facilitate communications and file sharing.

We offer network maintenance and remote network administration and accessibility services covering employee, management and guest access.

We support financial clients in navigating the complex landscape of regulatory compliance, while building frameworks to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We enable financial services companies to make significant improvements through adopting and integrating agile, logical, and efficient systems.

By improving and streamlining transactional workflows, we achieve excellent outcomes delivering transformational value to our clients.

Supply chain finance

As the complexity of global supply chains increase, it can be challenging for financial institutions to resource, manage and deliver an excellent customer experience to suppliers.

Covalen designs and delivers agile, innovative supply chain finance services. Highly skilled teams support suppliers throughout the invoicing process providing breakthroughs—utilising proven systems and technologies.

Delivering the service efficiently, and on time, we sustain a resilient supply chain that positively impacts the bottom line.

Payments & Collections

Disjointed systems and a lack of automation create obstacles, inconsistencies, and heavy workloads for finance employees. Our bespoke payments and collections solutions enable organisations to monitor and control a range of domestic and international cash management and payment issues.

Delivering services in more than 55 languages, we offer tactical advantages for meeting specific payments and collections needs. With extensive capabilities and resources, we enable faster payments through enhanced systems and automation to reduce administration.

Through quality and process excellence, we deliver seamless transactions to optimise the customer experience.

When expanding into new markets, launching new products and services, or redesigning your business model, Covalen can efficiently manage wide-scale, complex administration needs.

We work with clients across different industries managing contracts, claims and policies, finance and transactions—while continually optimising processes, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.

HR & Payroll

We design and deliver best-in-class HR solutions to support the needs of global organisations. Our ability to attract and retain the best talent in the industry drives business excellence, providing sustainable value for our clients.

We deploy dedicated HR teams through our managed solutions and outsourced models. HR experts manage the entire scope of HR needs from recruitment to onboarding, training and development—as well as back-office support teams for HR administration, payroll, and legal.

Order Management

Our cross-functional experts can help build the right solution for order-to-cash processes. We optimise revenue cycle performance by implementing systems to accelerate cash flow and boost available working capital.

Reviewing and validating customer documentation, we leverage various toolkits (SAP, CRM, QMS etc.) and manage multiple functions of stakeholder engagement and regulatory compliance.

Processing high-value international orders for our clients such as contractual documents, correspondence, and approvals, we validate the legal and regulatory frameworks, licencing and order quality.

We deliver post-sales support on contractual issues such as license transfers, contract migrations and amendments.

Contract Management

Our contract management teams at Covalen are highly skilled at reducing risk and maximizing deal values for our clients. This includes the full scope of contract management from strategy, structure and resources to delivery and development.

Likewise, we support customers, vendors and partners from relationship management to contract development. Through our solution-oriented approach, we drive powerful results with improved processing times, increased productivity—and high-level reports that deliver actionable insights.

Client Onboarding

Covalen delivers an efficient and compliant onboarding experience for vendors and customers. This involves the collection, processing and verification of client and vendor data.

Our client onboarding teams are experts in reducing onboarding costs and compliance processing, while improving retention through excellent CRM systems. Our teams positively impact customer experience and time to revenue.

Quality Management

At Covalen, our culture is based around quality management ethics and values. Our services are compliant with all regulatory practice requirements. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited (Quality Management System relating to the provision of outsourced customer service).

Armed with the capabilities and resources, we design and implement quality management solutions for our clients across various industries. In addition, we offer quality process management consultation and training. Experts in compliance requirements, we can reduce your administration load, minimise risk, and drive product or service quality enhancements.

Claims Management

Covalen’s claims management experts deliver complete claims processing for insurance providers or general companies that experience damage. We oversee customer and internal claims from first call through to claims resolution.

Our insurance teams process and deliver multi-channel claims, including review, adjudication and settlement of claims. And our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of compliance and European legislation.

We have the technology and experienced resources to ensure consistency, minimise risk, and reduce processing times.

Helping you transform your business operations

Helping you transform your business operations

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