Above image courtesy of Alex Kotliarskyi @ Frantic

In this Age of Experience, well-designed employee experiences that support a customer-centric culture are crucial to gaining a competitive edge in the market. Evidence points to an undeniable link between Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX). 


So how can companies leverage EX to boost CX?


  • Support a customer-centric culture – Be open to feedback and invest in employees. Effective communication aids higher productivity and engagement levels. Recognition and appreciation of employees confirms that their work is valued. And this reflects on how they work with customers.


  • Be flexible to change processes that don’t serve employees or customers. Regular process reviews are important to stay relevant and maintain efficiencies. Out-dated processes can impact the morale of both employees and customers.


  • Nurture innovation – share ideas for improvement, adopt inspirational values. Creative problem-solving amongst diverse groups offers a diversity of perspectives, interpretations and solutions. Organisational values that resonate with employees are developed from real-world examples of collaboration and purpose, driven by leadership behaviour.


  • Drive effective learning to promote job satisfaction and develop employees into leaders. The design and delivery of L&D programmes influences outcomes that directly impact job satisfaction, retention, and fundamentally — the undeniable link between EX and CX.


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