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Covalen Value Champion

Niyazi Abdullah.

A terrific interview with Niyazi who has progressed into different roles during his time with Covalen. Niyazi’s approach to supporting his teams and equally his willingness to learn, is refreshing. He always strives for the best outcomes for all involved.

Niyazi Abdullah.

Niyazi was nominated by his peers, and he earned our Value Champion Award for his superb representation of our 'be brave' value.

Niyazi, what is your role at Covalen?

My role is Operations Team Leader at our social media site.

How long have you worked at Covalen?

Since May 2017, more than 4 years.

Overall, what impact do Our Values have on your working life at Covalen?

Our values help me to understand what is expected from me and what is expected from our employer, Covalen. And it helps to give our employees a sense of identity and a sense of belonging within Covalen.

How did you feel about firstly being nominated as a ‘be brave’ Value Champion, and secondly receiving the Covalen Value Champion award?

To start with, I was so excited to be nominated as a ‘be brave’ value champion, then when I saw that I had actually won the Value Champion award for our site, I recall that I was sitting in my room upstairs and I remember running downstairs to tell my parents. Honestly, they were really proud of me, and I felt really proud. I feel very grateful and humbled to be recognised like this.

Describe in your own words what ‘be brave’ means to you and how you have embodied our ‘be brave’ value.

What the be brave value means to me, is to get outside of my comfort zone, to be proactive at work, and always try to find solutions with the work we are doing.

What lessons have you learned in the past that have empowered you to ‘be brave’?

I have learnt to always have confidence in my own abilities, for example, being a volunteer in our rewards and recognition committee and hosting employee engagement events for our new starters. The success of doing those activities has given me confidence to be brave going forward. I always try to think about those kinds of things.

I have learnt to always have confidence in my own abilities.

Niyazi Abdullah.

Operations Team Leader.
Tell me about your journey with Covalen to date.

I started in May 2017 as a Content Analyst, and I stayed in this position for around nine months. Then I became an Anchor Mentor, and shortly afterwards an Anchor Mentor SME (subject-matter expert). In January 2019, I became a Team Leader which I really enjoyed, and I still enjoy this role. Since I’ve been a Team Leader, I have managed several different teams across different projects. This is my current role.

What are your goals going forward?

Goals…to continue to be successful in my current role with my team and my colleagues, to grow and progress my career here, and help our company to grow.

How do you feel empowered to achieve your goals?

I think that the most important aspect to feel empowered is to visualise success by achieving my goals and believing in myself. Firstly, I try to set SMART goals that are achievable. I am so lucky to be working with so many talented people that can share their experience and expertise. I reach my goals through the support of my colleagues. In Covalen I am so grateful to be given the support and freedom to achieve those goals. Finally, I celebrate success.

I think that the most important aspect to feel empowered is to visualise success by achieving my goals and believing in myself.

Niyazi Abdullah.

Operations Team Leader.
What do you like most about working at Covalen?

What I like most about Covalen is the family-like atmosphere and the culture that we have here. I’ve made many new friends and I have great friendships since starting here four years ago. Another thing I really like is the investment by Covalen in developing people, there is a lot of time, effort and focus on employee development. I think it’s something that can be hard to find, and this what I really enjoy about working here.